DIY – How to Build the Best Above Ground Pool 2019

It is true to say that the construction of the above ground pool is very popular at the present. There are many places suitable for building the above ground pool including condominiums, buildings, schools, amusement parks, entertainment areas, etc. The purpose of building an above ground pool is also very diversified such as household use, swimming lessons, swimming training, business, sports activities, etc. No matter what the purpose is, a good pool is needed. Actually, we catch our eye with many ground pool everywhere. However, not all pools meet the standards. Many questions have been raised: “How to build an above ground pool is up to standard”?

What is above ground pool?

Before learning how to build the best swimming pool on the ground, we should understand what a swimming pool is. It can hardly be denied that the above ground pool has many different definitions. Basically, we can understand the above ground pool is an artificial water tank, which contains plenty of water for swimming or entertainment. The pool can be made of many different materials but all pools must be standard.

Its structure is made of steel or polymer installed on the ground with a waterproof PVC film covering the walls and bottom. Thus, the surface of the above ground pool is impenetrable to retain water.

In fact, before building an above ground pool, you need to consider important factors such as pool size, materials that the pool is created and especially your budget. Then plan to build the best above ground pool on the condition you have.

The above ground pool has many different definitions. Source:

How to build the best above ground pool

An above ground pool that meets the standard is usually defined by many different criteria such as pool area, pool water treatment system, pool structure, and disinfection methods, etc.

Area of the above ground pool

when talking about building a swimming pool on the ground, the first factor we need to consider is the area of the pool. The fact of the matter is that the area of a standard swimming pool usually has a common width ranging from 25-50m and the trading length is about 10-50m. Besides, as for depth, it must depend on the owner’s intended use.

Swimming pools on the ground usually come in three shapes: round, oval and rectangular; you can choose to depend on your demand.

In fact, an above ground pool used in the home usually has a depth of about 1m to 2m. Besides, swimming pools for swimming, entertainment and entertainment activities require a depth of 3 to 5.5m. You have to keep in mind that swimming pools for small children only need a small depth of about 0.3 to 1.2m to avoid drowning which endangers the lives of children.

Proper location of the above ground pool

Another important factor to keep in mind to build the best above ground pool is its location. When you decide to build a pool, you need to think and calculate it carefully, because it is a permanent installation.

First, the land used to build above ground pool must be located in the approved planning area, there is enough land area to build and have the expected development direction for the future;

Second, when deciding where to place a swimming pool on the ground, you should rely on factors such as available space, accessibility, and obstacles. The pool and anything else installed permanently in the yard must have sufficient space. On the other hand, you should choose a location where is tall, easy to drain, convenient for people to watch, compete, study, train and escape safely. So that you can easily enter and exit the pool without being hindered. Pay attention to obstacles such as gardens, fences, trees, and warehouses, etc.

Third, the construction of the above ground pool can cause nearby buildings to tilt, sink or even collapse. That’s why choosing land to build the above pool is much important thing.

Fourth and in particular, the above ground pool should avoid construction near green trees. Even if the tree is arranged, you should pay attention to avoid falling leaves into the above ground pool and it is better to choose less deciduous trees, trees without toxic plastic.

Finally, an ideal pool must avoid any underground, septic tanks, settling tanks, dry wells, roots or stumps, or any buried debris. Especially, never build a swimming pool under any overhead power lines. It has to be convenient for power supply, water supply, communication.

The land used to build above ground pool must be located in the approved planning area. Source:

Water treatment system in the pool

The next factor to note to build the best above ground pool is the element of the water treatment system in the pool. It is true to say that this is one of the most important factors to evaluate a pool. Because when the pool is well treated, it ensures that the water in the pool is clean and in harmony with the environment.

Thus, you need to build a water treatment system with a cyclic filtration method to have strong bactericidal ozone, which provides a high safety for swimmers. Along with that, there must be a system to maintain the temperature to ensure that the users of the pool are always able to adapt to the environment. On the other hand, filter capacity for adult swimming pools must be between 4 hours and 6 hours.

Using water disinfection methods in the above ground pool

One important thing to do in the process of building the pool is to install water disinfection equipment for the pool. These devices include analyzers of chlorine from salt, disinfection by ion, ozone, ultraviolet light, chlorine, etc. Good disinfection provides high health for swimming pool users.

Material for the above ground pool

There is no denying that the design of the pool must comply with the regulations on materials. Specifically, the floor must be anti-slippery to avoid slippery situations that endanger the users of the pool.

Regarding construction materials, you can choose concrete, plastic, steel, etc; and must comply with standards. Steel must be coated with protective coatings to prevent corrosion. You have to use tiles with high water resistance, it is best to use dedicated tiles for swimming above ground pool. Especially, Another important factor that you need to keep in mind is that the walls and bottom of the pool must use Polyester material.

All in all, no matter what kind of above ground pool you build, you need to build the above ground pool following the best criteria. However, to get the best above ground pool is not easy. Hopefully, the above article helps you answer the question: “How to build the best above ground pool?”.

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